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Hunting and fishing license fees

Gentlemen. I read an article in the Morning Advocate this morning about the legislature going after dedicated funds to solve the Louisiana budget problem.
Here is a quote from that article:
'Statutory dedications include money for marketing and tourism efforts, improvements to state parks, agriculture research in specialized areas and wildlife conservation efforts, among other special interests.'
If you don't feel like you are a 'special interest' group and don't want to see your hunting, fishing and boat registration fees going to the general budget to pay for things that have nothing to do with conserving the fish and wildlife of the 'Sportsman's Paradise', you better write your Senators and Representatives and tell them.
It took many years to get the legislature to protect hunting and fishing license fees from past governors that raided those funds to pay for free programs for useless eaters and, if that protection is removed now, your hunting or fishing license money may go to pay for free medical treatment, free food and free housing for useless eaters. If you want the giant salvinia killed in your lakes and bayous, Florida largemouth bass stocked in your lakes, game and fishing laws enforced or other things like that then you need to write your legislators.
If you don't care about having any of this done and want your fishing license money going to the general fund then don't do anything about it.
don't say the title too gets some folks you age you will find they all have a Louisiana cover story... it's designed to 'crash' one budget to get to the other budgets' 'funds' ???...(remember there is never 'overages' in 'slush' funds ...cheers