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Fishing around Norco/LaPlace

Hey folks. I recently moved to the area. Looking to get in on some bank fishing before the spawn gets in full swing. I've been down 51 and gazed at those pits and culverts. Water looks really nice. I was wondering if those pits are primarily brackish. I also took a gander at the pits along airline and was wondering if those were promising. Would love to get in on some sacalait action. I hear the BC spillway has little pits and ponds. Is that primarily muddy river water or can I pull some decent bass out there when it isn't flooded?
...Many of the bottoms are polluted real bad...some cases honest chemists of the past suggest against stirring up any by dredging...yet many new Chem/Eng. are well programmed and think $$$$$$ comes before cancer...just don't make it your main meal too often and you should get 8 or 10 more years out of your life...remember also those 'percentage' politicians are slick they really don't want you to die 'before'' any elections ??? cheer

P/S ...just noticed a Subway ad...they going in the right direction 'No Doped Up Antibiotic Chickens'...cheers
The culverts crossing under 51 have a mixed bag of freshwater fish. Sac a lait bass perch. I've seen a 7 pound bass come from the bank there.
The canal between Norco and Kenner along Airline Hwy, sometimes it's good but I worry about asbestos from brake linings as that canal doesn't get flushed out too well.
Inside the BC Spillway, there are many ponds to fish. Some are in the woods and cannot be seen passing by them. You have to go find them. Maybe can see them on Google earth. Never looked.
There are fish in the B.C. , but they don't come easy...You can go to the corp. office by the locks and ask and they will give you a map of all the area...Most of the good ponds you usually need a GOOD 4x4 to get to thanks to those who like to tear up the roads...
It's not so much people tearing up the roads. It's the lackadaisical attitude of the corps of engineers ever since they took the control of the spillway back from St. Charles parish. Let the federal government take over anything you love and watch it go to hell in a handbasket is short order.
I've been bumming around in the spillway since the 1960s. The bad spots in the roads are always in the same place. Sinkholes most likely caused by ancient stumps rotting below ground. I had one in my front yard that took 2-18 wheelers full of dirt and I hope it's finished.
It was a much better place when the parish took care of it. The Feds gated off a couple of the best bank crabbing spots. The upper suction all the way back by the lake by the Montz levee and Goat Road canal all the way back in the middle of the spillway. And they grade the most used roads only when they are nearly impassable.
I'd like to drop my boat into the 40 acre pond but 100 yards past the levee is a crater that'll never be leveled. And it's not the people's fault, it's the corps.
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