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Areas Close to Shore to Fish for Tuna, Snapper, & Grouper out of Venice

Capt Paul,

I am a active duty Marine stationed in the New Orleans, LA area and have done lots of offshore fishing in the Florida area in the past but none here yet. I am hoping to put in out of Venice Marina and be able to target some grouper, snapper, and tuna withing a reasonable distance from the southwest pass or near shore. Are there any areas within a 5-10 mile radius from the shore line of Venice or off shore of the southwest pass to target these types of fish. I am understanding that there are a lot of reefs close to shore in between grand isle and the southwest pass area. Do these areas hold grouper snapper and especially Tuna. I will be going off shore here on April 10 to mainly target tuna starting out but would love to maybe pick up a snapper along the way.
Offshore fishing in a small boat
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Fisherman 9985~

It was nice speaking to you in the telephone yesterday. As I explained you may want to try the Seven Mile rigs.

You should check the Louisiana Wildlife and the U.S. Fish at for the state and federal species and creel limits.

Your rig is a little light to venture any great distance offshore but there are some fairly close to the shore.

Some of these rigs are located south of SOUTH PASS of the MISSISSIPPI RIVER in the Gulf of Mexico. SOUTH pass is defined at the north by the Head of Passes, and at the south eastern most section as the Port Eads area.

Leaving Venice, LA at the Mississippi River-The Jump-Grand Pass, @ about 29*16.328’ N lat & 89* 20.916’ W. long., you would proceed down the river to The Head of Passes at South Pass, which is at or about 29* 08.824’ N. lat & 89* 15.017’ W. long.

Continuing in South Pass for about 13 miles past Port Eads, you would observe an Aid To Navigation (ATON) “Range” just south of Port Eads where the channel makes a bend to the south east (as you are heading south). This range consists of two GREEN lights set about .25 miles apart. The northern most marker is at a height of 55 ft and the southern one at about 40 feet. Further southeast there are a series of Aids To Navigational (ATONs). I believe them to be located as follows:

A light, 20 ft. high “RED #4, at the “range” turn, is located at 28*59.374’ North latitude~89* 08.188’ West longitude;

Slightly further south east, GREEN # 3 “can”, is at about 28*59.174’ N latitude~89*07.991’ West longitude; 1.8 miles in the channel from RED # 4 above;

And at the most southern entrance to the channel, is Nun RED # 2, a bell, at about 28*58.695’ North latitude ~ 89*06.516’ West longitude.

If you steer to Red #2 , then proceed on a course of south, south east (SSE) at about 157* MAGNETIC, for 7.1 miles you will reach one of the rigs referred to as the Seven Mile Rigs.

I believe that a rig is located at 28*53.125’ North latitude and 89*03.791’ West longitude. Another of the rigs is .9 miles SW of the first at 28*52.730’ North latitude & 89* 04.575’ West longitude. Both are in about 450+/- feet of water.

All of the positions are listed as DD,MM.MMM and are based on WGS 84 Datum.

Good luck on your fishing!
~Captain Paul~