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Catahoula Parish 2016 Turkey Season Opener

I had a very successful turkey season opener this past Saturday up at my place in northern Catahoula Parish. Arrived to my listening spot for 6:00am and at 6:25am I heard my first gobbler sound off along a creek bottom about 300 yards away. I made my way and setup along the creek he was roosted on about 150 yards from him. By this time he was gobbling at just about everything. After I settled in I made a few soft tree yelps and he replied to each one. I then heard a hen start calling at him and he was getting all fired up. I heard him when he flew down and he pitched in my direction as I watched him hit the ground about 100 yards from me. He went into full strut and gobbled a few times. The hen pitched out and landed a few feet behind him. I let out a few more soft yelps and was cut off by him gobbling. He immediately started working his way towards my location strutting and walking with the hen following. It was so cool to watch this hunt unfold and he was walking straight up my barrel. When he got to about 35 yards I clucked at him with my mouth call and he froze and stuck his head up looking for me. I squeezed of a shot from my Browning Gold 12 ga. 3 ½ using Winchester XX #6 turkey load. I watched his head flop back as in slow motion and I heard another turkey gobble at my shot. He rolled over and was down at 6:55am. Man I was pumped! I went to check him out and the hen let out her alarm call and ran off. He had a 10 7/8 inch beard with 1 inch spurs. I tagged him and started taking pictures of him with my phone and sending to my buddies and next thing I know the gobbler that I heard when I shot this one was getting fired up. Then a 2nd gobbler chimed in and I had 2 gobblers out in front of me just going crazy. I sat and listen to them gobble for close to an hour before I decided to move. Every time they would gobble together it would echo through the woods. Life just doesn’t get any better than that. I thanked the good Lord for the morning and packed my gobbler out while still listening to the other two gobblers as I put distance between me and them. I will be back and try my luck a little later in the season.

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