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Maps for Oil Rigs out of West Bay (Joshua's Marina- Buras, La)

Are there GPS Maps that I can buy for my Garmin GPS that have the rig locations for West Bay out of Joshua's Marina in Buras? Id also like to get maps for the rigs out of Venice as well. (South, Southeast & Southwest Pass)
Platforms in Wesst Bay
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ The30Point Buck ~

This is really a tough question to answer, as you did not list the model of your Garmin. Several of the offshore (America Blue Chart, etc.) marine mapping programs indicate the sites of offshore oil and gas platforms in the Gulf area you indicated, but all are not compatible with all of their older models. You will have to determine what maps your unit will accommodate
The Garmin web site has a listing of what accessory mapping programs are available for your particular unit.
The other task is to visit a stocking Garmin dealer and actually view the different mapping software that is available for you unit. Pick out the area that you need and see if that particular chart meets your needs.

However, the tried and true method is to get a current copy or charts 1116a, Leased Blocks for the Mississippi River to Galveston and charts 11361 Mississippi River Delta and 11358 Barataria Bay and Approaches.
These may be found at any “Print on Demand” NOAA Marine chart dealer.

The Lease Block chart will show the Leased areas and the Leased blocks in those areas, but it is in a 1:458596 scale which is not really suitable for accurate navigation. The other two should show you enough details for accurate navigation.

In addition you should visit the official site that keeps track of all of the offshore platforms. U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement (BOEMRE), formally named the Mineral Management Service (MMS), offshore leased areas. This federal agency is responsible for overseeing the safe and environmentally responsible development of energy and mineral resources on the Outer Continental Shelf. It also lists of all offshore leases, platforms and well sites in the Gulf of Mexico in a data program called FAST FACTS /

Platform Structures. (

You may need additional charts for more detail in some of the areas, but start with the aforementioned two charts as a basis for your navigation tools.

Then monitor the OFFSHORE FISHING report posting category of this site for current information on the fishing conditions in these off shore areas.

Couple the “Report” information with the Lease Block charts and then access the BOEMRE FAST FACTS web site at

The site will provide an up to date listing of all platform structures in the Gulf of Mexico. You can search by a large criterion for the platform or area that you are interested in. It will be a very valuable tool in locating the Leased Block areas described in some of the reports.

Please let me know how you make out.
~ Captain Paul ~