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Hummingbird Matrix 97-Fishing System

Captain Paul , I was given a Hummingbird Matrix 97-Fishing System , plugged it in and it powers up but doesn't seem to catch a position , got the owners manual on line and it really doesn't go into connecting it up as far as the bus bar on the back , in fact the bus bar isn't labeled what each socket is far , there are 4 spots , I figured out 2 of the 4 power and transducer, one may be weather overlay and the other a interphase , from what I have seen on the net this unit may need to have a separate GPS hooked to it for it to work ? Do you know anything about this unit
Matrix 97 info
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Fishfiles ~

Hey never refuse something that someone gave you out of kindness. But you may have some problems to get the unit to work properly.

First the good news, you are correct about needing another part to get Latitude~Longitude readings from the GPS system. That unit requires a separate module that is or WAS made my Humminbird. It would normally connect via a “Y” connecting cable that plugs into both the Matrix and the GPS module. This cable is also attached to a 12 volt DC power source which would power both pieces of the system.

Now the bad news, Humminbird advised me that the GPS part will only work with the Humminbird GPS module attached via a “Y” cable that links the two components and supplies the power. They also said that that unit in now considered a legacy (discontinued) and they no longer have either the cable or the GPS module. They said that the module MUST have a clear view of the sky as the GPS and antenna for GPS is located in the same part.

If you were given all of the components for the sonar, you maybe able to get that part of the unit working, if not you would need to locate a Humminbird GPS module that would work with the unit.

I tried a search on eBay and Craig’s List and could not locate either the cable or the module.

~ Captain Paul ~
Re: Hummingbird Matrix 97-Fishing System
Thank you Captain Paul , so it is not a stand alone unit !