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GPS Reccomendation Needed

Captain Paul,
I am looking for a reccomendation for a handheld GPS to use for coastal fishing below Houma. I am a first time user, and normally fish Last Island Area, The Pickett's, etc. I need a model that accepts your waypoints, and is easy to use, dependable, and my budget is $250-$500. I also have minimal opportunity to use it for hiking on a couple of camping trips each year. Feel free to e-mail me at

Thanks for your help

Hand Held GPS units
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~Dugout ~

I would look at the Garmin and the DeLorme line of hand held GPS units. DeLorme has several that should meet your needs as does Garmin.
The DeLorme Earthmate PN will suit your needs. I particularly like the Garmin GPS Map 64t for a thumb action control or their Oregon(t) or Montana(t) for a touch screen operation.(

The “t” in the Garmin model designation indicates that it comes preloaded with USGS type Topographical maps of the U.S. in a 1:100,000 scale, but you can purchase maps via regions in 1:24,000 scale, as well as their Blue Chart NOAA series for offshore needs.

Either of these brands will suit your needs. I suggest that you also consider the 12 volt remote power cables as an accessory and for the marine use their vehicle mount system. I have the base of their mount mounted in my truck as well as my boat. By using the mount and the cigarette plug type power cable, I and extend the operation to time of my unit much longer.

This combo has served me well for marine and on the ground hunting situations.

Please get back with me on your final selection.

Captain Paul