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Joyce WMA?

Has anyone had any success on the Joyce WMA? Any tips/pointers on how or where to hunt it?
Nothing but swamp
The WMA is nothing but swamp. I hunt on the edg of the marsh and cypress on the south side. I find the deer move out of it in the evening but if you want to see deer I would wait until late december.
Move out of which
Redbuck, move out of which, the marsh or the swamp. Thanks.
It's different everytime I see deer there. Sometimes the deer are heading to the swamp in the evening sometimes they are heading to the marsh it depends. If you find a spot with a few high mound, when I say a few I mean about 20 or more, I'd set up there because it is probably a bedding spot. Don't count on a whole lot of deer sign and if there is no buck sign, I would hunt it harder because I find in the swamp bucks don't leave there sign where thye sleep. just my opinion. I've been hunting swamp my whole lifetime of hunting and that's what i find. Good luck and post a picture of the monster I told you how to kill lol!

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