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This guy 'TEXTED' me and said he wanted to buy my boat. He couldn't talk on the phone bc he was on a military base and his name was Sgt Chris. He wanted to pay through PayPal bc he couldn't leave the base or what not and was going to have a transport company pick it up. Well he offered to pay for every thing... But I have to pay $1390.00 through western union to the transport company before my money would go through... Some new thing PayPal does... The number he texted me from is 1-409-420-7713 and here's the emails I got..

Follow the verification procedures below and send us the requirement so we can release the fund to your account.

This is to inform you that we have received the payment of $5,500.00 USD from Sgt. Stafford Christopher. for the Merchandise bought from you and the funds will only reflect in your account after all due measures have taken place In order to complete this transaction, you are required to send a sum of $1,390.00 USD to the Transport Company through Money Gram Money Transfer, We advice you to go to the nearest Walmart office in your area and get back to us with the Scanned Copy/Photograph of the Money Gram Money Transfer transaction receipt or send us the REF # including the sender name, address, As soon as we have received these information from you, we will credit a sum of $5,500.00 USD to your PayPal account.

This payment has been deducted from the buyer's account and has been 'APPROVED' but will not be credited into your account until the Money Gram Money Transfer receipt# is sent to us for verification, for more information about this transaction. Below are the relevant information required before your account will be credited:

All you have to do is to Contact Us with the Money Gram Money Transfer details of the money sent for verification. Once it has been verified, you will receive a 'CONFIRMATION EMAIL' from PayPal® Service informing you that your account has been credited.

Please, understand that this is a security measure intended to help protect both the Buyer and the Seller. We apologize for the inconvenience that has caused you. And because of the inconvenience this causes we are giving you the next two incoming transfers for free! You will pay no fees for your next two incoming transfers*.

If you have questions about this payment for your sold Merchandise or service, please Contact Us . Your query will be answered promptly.

Here at PayPal® you can be assured that your security and safety is our topmost concern.

We hope to read from you soon.

NOTE : Please Contact Us for Adequate Response. do not reply.

PayPal Email ID PP1543 - 1d53fe7ac64b

Thank you for using PayPal !
The PayPal Team

And another one.. Transfer On Hold...

Powered by PayPal

Contact Us if you have any question regarding this transaction, This transaction will appear on your account summary as soon as the Money Gram Money Transfer information is received from you. as the funds is still pending in our date base until you send out the excess funds through Money Gram Money Transfer ,the Money was sent through the Service Option Secure Payment so that the transaction can be protected with adequate security measures for you to be able to receive your money. We want you to understand that the payment can't be reversed neither can it be canceled or divided, so we assure you that you are 100% SECURED doing this transaction.

So therefore, all you have to do now is to proceed and send the $1,390.00 USD via Money Gram Money Transfer and make sure you contact us with the necessary Money Gram details so that we can verified it and then credit your account. Trust the PayPal team 100% assuring you and promise to never let you down. Once you send the money, send us the Money Gram Information for confirmation the Total sum of $5,500.00 USD will be updated in your PayPal account as soon as possible.

NOTE: Your money is in a safe hand with PayPal Team and will surely get updated into your account,This is to make sure that both seller and buyer benefit from this transaction,You can be rest assured that your funds are quite in a safer hand with the PayPal Team, Kindly send us the Money Gram information for verification

Contact Us with the below information after you get the money sent
(1) REF #
(2) Your Full Name and Address
(3) The Copied Scan of the Money Gram Receipt.
Here's the Transport Company Agent Information to send the funds to.

Name: JoAnn Robles Alvarez.
State: Houston.
City: TX.
Zip code: 77065.
Country : United State

You can proceed and send the funds online on
Please Contact Us for Adequate Response. do not reply.
Thank you for using PayPal®.
PayPal Security.
We have warnings in our classifieds section that make it very clear you should use caution and avoid anyone who is not willing to transact in person.
Yeah he contacted me also. When I said 'cash in hand' he got lost. I wont even take a check and I am also skeptical about taking hundreds. Thieves are very creative.
Thanks for report Bullredripper. I read this morning and what do you know this fool text me
Sgt Chris but I remember name and number. When I checked him on it silence. SO anybody gets (409) 420-7713 Sgt Chris beware.
Also I was hit by Lane G. (708)501-5672
Yesterday trying to go through PayPal and freight company. When I said Cash only Silence!!!
Beware out there fellow sportsman!
LOL!!! Same BS here. Ya'll be careful with all these low life SOB's out there.
Yes.... Same guy... same story... different number tried this with me today also.
The low-life scammers are absolutely relentless! EVERY single day we delete a minimum of 40-50 scam accounts at all hours of the day and night.

These are not people scamming, these are companies with hundreds of individuals that are computer and English literate (most are college grads). If you notice, they are using local phone #'s that they acquire for texting. They use proxy servers to post and email in the USA even though they are located in remote parts of the world. Remember to them, scamming is their job and a $1,000 may be what some of them make in a year. They know our working hours. VERY sophisticated scammers. I feel really sorry for older persons who may not be able to discern what is real and what is a scam. Please help the elderly in all of their transactions.

We have warning on top of warning all over the classifieds VERY prominently and still we hear of the occasional scam. Please only deal in person when it involves money and NEVER wire money unless you absolutely know who you are dealing with. Remember no wire is safe from scams and cashiers checks can be fraudulent.
SCAMS like this will not cease until our Federal Government makes it a PRIORITY to seek them out and shut them down permanently...up to and including an impulse burst into their system
he just tried to hit me with his scam also, same story. and as soon as I asked for shipping company to verify and cash in hand prior to any transaction taking place, everything went silent. How dare he use military service and use term God is Good at end of every text. Thanks for posting this info and helping honest people not get scammed.
He is using a 605 area code number now. (605) 888-7929. Just tried to buy my boat via pay pal and send the Zim American Shipping Co to pick it up. He cant leave Fort Bragg right now, because he's too busy. Cant even take a call. Sgt Christopher Stafford.
Considering a Gaudet or Gravios (American Welding) bayboat. Cannot not make up my mind on which one. Any suggestions. Yonkers Onsite Truck Repair