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Tuna Time

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Not a bad day on the water yesterday if you can put up with the thick fog and large ground swells. There was only a light chop on top of the swells so you were only slowed by the fog. The tuna were cooperative as the black fin didn't give the yellows much of a chance. I tried a little trip that Capt. Scott Seaner told me about and it proved a lot of fun. We drifted a Ballistic Flying fish out the back and every time the tuna attacked it we would toss a Tsunami popper in the area and bam fish on. All of these were Blackfins. The yellows we caught were on chunks drifted in the chum before the bonita and Blackfin took over. The largest yellow was 140 pounds and was lots of fun to watch as it took three on the rod at one time. Andrew and his gang wanted a big one and I always say be careful of what you ask for, you might just get it. I was easy with them to start and then I bumped the Tica 30 WTS drag up and watched them moan. I wish I would have remembered my camera because it was definitly a photo op. Andrew you had the best bunch of guys and I'm looking forward to our next trip. The final tally was 2 yellows and 15 blackfin. For your trip call Captain's Tommy or Eric Pellegrin 985-851-3304.