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Garmin to Lowrance

Capt Paul,

I have a couple coordinates from a friends Garmin that I'd like to convert and enter in my Lowrance. How can I convert these?

Convert Garmin to Lowrance Waypoints
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ TN REDFISH ~

I am not quite sure what or how many waypoints you may have, but it sounds as if they are hard copies of the data. If so you can simply check the POSITION FORMAT of both the Garmin data and the way your Lowrance is set up. Change the Lowrance to the same position as the Garmin data and enter them. The formats are usually expressed as Decimal Degrees (DDD.dddddd), Degrees, minutes and seconds and tenths of seconds (DDD,MM,SS.s) or Degrees, and decimal minutes shown as DDD,MM.mmmm. Most recommendations favor the DDD,MM.mmmmk settings as it can express a more accurate position.

If you have the waypoint data as an electronic file, it is a simple matter. If not the process will become labor intensive, as you will have to manually enter the data into the Lowrance unit.

If the data is on a memory card or in a computer file, you can access a conversion program that can convert one type of data format to another and electronically install one into the other.

The program is called GPSBabel and is a free download at
GPSBabel is a cross-platform, free software to transfer routes, tracks, and waypoint data to and from consumer GPS units, and to convert between over a hundred types of GPS data formats.[1] It has a command-line interface and a graphical interface for Windows, OS X, and Linux users.
Either way, you should get the Lowrance INSIGHT PLANNER from the Lowrance web site at
Insight Planner is a PC software for marine navigation planning with Lowrance chartplotters. Create waypoints, routes, and points of interest (POIs), on a wide variety of supported cartography platforms such as Insight, Navionics Gold and Nav+, C-MAP MAX-N by Jeppesen and raster charts using the BSB format.
Either way you should get the Insight Planner as it will be a lot easier entering the Garmin waypoints manually via the computer keyboard than trying to create waypoints directly into the unit. And, if you have a computer file of the waypoints, the Planner makes is a one, two, three operation.
It also gives you the ability to back up all of your waypoints, tracks and routes from the GPS unit to a computer file.
It is worth getting and using the program as it can save you time and possibly a heart break.
If need be contact me and I can explain the procedure for you.

Please let me know how you make out.

Captain Paul