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Ray Marine New ES

In addition to the included mapping, I run Standard Mapping card. On my old machine I inputted your info that marked reefs, old points, dope boat, etc.
Do you offer the same that is compatible with my units and standard map.
Transferring Waypoints
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ BamaDuck ~

Yes I do, but If your waypoints and other data was installed in your old machine, which is assume is the Ray Marine, as it can accept the Standard Mapping map card, you can simply put and then copy the data from a spare memory card and install them in your new machine, which I again assume is a newer RayMarine unit.

Follow the directions in the old machine’s owner manual for transferring data onto a memory card. Once there you should be able to place that card in your new unit and again transfer the data but this time from the card into the internal memory of the unit. Follow the owner’s manual for the new unit under Transferring Data from a memory card into the unit.

If that does not work, you would have to install RayMarine RayTech ( Navigator in your computer.

Be sure that you have one of the units listed in their compatibility chart.

This program allows you to back up your data to a computer file or thumb drive, edit it, and reinstall it in other similar units. It lets you back up all of your data and even convert the format to several different type that are particular to RayMarine. Check their web site as there are several other of their transfer programs that are also available.

If both of your units are not RayMarine repost your request indicating what brand and model you have and I may be able to offer some suggestions.

My Fishing Edge programs are available from the Louisiana Sportsman web site in their OUTDOOR Store. They are sold as email downloads to be loaded and used in your computer. It is suggested that they be transferred using one of the RayMarine
data transfer programs.

Captain Paul