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Fish Finder / GPS Combo

Looking to purchase my first fish finder / GPS combo. Any opinions(just that) on which features work well(DI, SI, etc.,). Not looking for many bells and whistles, just the basics for now to find fish and marking waypoints. Unit will be mounted on a 16ft bass used for inshore sw and fw fishing. Any opinions are welcomed and greatly appreciated.

What GPS unit?
~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ CBynum ~

I strongly suggest that you determine what maps the various units you are considering. Many individual go with a unit that has supplemental mapping that serves their needs. Check out the types of charts and mapping to see if they meet your requirements.

Most current units can deliver accuracy to within 9 meters when using the WAAS feature, so be sure that the unit you are considering has that capability.
Another feature is the weatherproofing of the unit. Standard is now an IPX 7 (water proof up to a submersion in 3 feet of water for one half hour.
In the weather we have in Louisiana it is almost a necessity.

The other consideration is the user friendly of the operating screens and if it can accept electronic downloads.

Generally the cost goes up considerably with the size of the screen and if it a touch screen.

Do your home work before making your purchase and you should many years of use out of the system.

Captain Paul
Re: Fish Finder / GPS Combo
I am a big fan of Garmin. I currently have the Garmin 740s on my boat, but they have smaller models that have the same features and can be upgraded or used in the base model. Tons of options out there for you, I would recommend going to a bass pro or West Marine and check out their displays and see which one you like the best. This is what I did, and then I bought it on Amazon for a couple hundred dollars cheaper that the stores.

Good luck
Re: Fish Finder / GPS Combo
I have a 740S and would like more detail have heard you can put google type map on unit called Garmin and they said there is a chip like I want but this unit will not accept it. What is the best chip for detail to use with this unit. Garmin has a chip from Lake Charles to Mobile Vuso13R that I would like to look at to see what I am buying as the upgraded chip costed about 300. Anywhere I can see the detail on this chip. In talking with Garmin they say the units you purchase on line may be several years old and do not have the very up to date maps for the unit. Only way to make sure you get the very latest map is to purchase direct from Garmin. They update maps every year and you have to pay a fee to upgrade your map cost about 100plus.
Re: Fish Finder / GPS Combo
Thanks Visco! I have few units that I'm interested in. A Hummingbird Helix7 SI and a couple of the Garmin units. Features such as preloaded and upgradeable mapping and waypoint marking are important as the areas I fish are full of marsh and channels.