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Nathan, Lloyd and I tried some new area this trip. Left out of BSM to try and find some trout. As we slid out into the bay we were greeted with some nice rollers as the wind was already blowing pretty good. We immediately began catching fish but i was too rough and we had to move to more protected waters. We bounced around drifting along points and current lines. We caught plenty of trout except most were small. We did a lot of running and looking. Birds were diving everywhere. Most had trout but we still caught plenty of catfish. If we caught more than 2 or 3 catfish we moved on. We made our way back to the MRGO and fished the rocks inside but no luck. Ran up the back levee canal and saw a pond with some birds working. We slid in there and put a few nice keepers in the box with a lot of throwbacks. The outer bays are filled with trout. We were drifting so fast it made things tough. We tried live shrimp but caught to many catfish. We stuck with plastic the rest of the day. Limbo Slice seemed to work pretty well. Everything came on popping corks. I started out with a longer leader and it seemed to produce a few more fish. We didn't fill the box up but we caught enough for dinner. The small tout are THICK!! threw back a couple limits of 11 3/4. It was still a good day in a new area. Wind was blowing like crazy by the end of the day.

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