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rifle range

what is the maximum distance for a 270 rem. with 130 grain bullet.
southern runner
I shot a deer at 300 yards with a 130 grain bullet with my 270. I aimed for the top of his back and it hit right in the vitals.
I know my dad shot a few deer over 400 yards w/ his .270 and one @ over 450 yards a long time ago when he used to hunt, but he loaded his own rounds with 130 grain balistic tip bullets. he used to practice constantly though.
I'm not sure if you want to know how far the bullet can fly or how far it will kill a deer. I will assume you mean kill a deer.
The question is, what is your maximum distance. The gun will kill a lot farther than you can ethically shoot. You need to know your limitations. How well you group your shots from a sitting, prone, free hand and rested position. What range is your gun sighted in for and what is its trajectory for your maximum range. Some people are such poor shots they shouldn't hunt at all till they learn how to shoot. Others can, under the right conditions, shoot 1000 yds. In my opinion, and everybody has one, the average person walking around the woods today should limit themselves to 200 yds. The above average 300 yds. Those that work at it and practice rifle control, trigger control, body control, know their rifle and cartridge, have a range finder 500 yds.
If you are having to ask, I would start at the 100 yds till I could prove on paper under field conditions that I could perform at longer ranges. You should hunt with the sniper mentality, one shot one deer.
Good luck with your shooting and hunting.
I recently shot my .270 with 130 winchester silvertips out to 300 yards. Zero'd at 200 yards will produce 3" drop at 250, 7.4" drop at 300, 21" drop at 400 and 44" drop at 500. Hope this helps. The longer range numbers were taken from the remington website ballistics chart.