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More Rights Taken by Feds!!!!!

Your president along with the NOAA are going to push to expand the Flower Garden National Marine Sanctuary. If successful, the sanctuary could cover 900+ square miles and include some of our favorite reefs and salt domes, to include the Sonnier and Ewing Banks, to name a few. If not stopped now, this will continue to expand, and next on the list will be the Midnight Lump (Sackett Bank). What this means to the fisherman, is that anchoring will be prohibited. They've taken your snapper. Now, they will be taking your rights to fish these areas. What's next?? Off limit areas like you see in California.
There is a site for public comment, I urge everyone, including those that don't venture offshore to post a comment.
More importantly, call your congressman now and say 'hell no!'
Time to act is now!!!!
link to story?
go to flower garden marine sanctuary. Its the NOAA web site.
Its all there.