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let's take a poll - who is tired of the debates, griping, whining, etc. in reference to dog hunting vs non dog hunting. unreal the time people spend arguing about somthing that will NOT be changed anytime soon.
I'm tired of it!!
I actually think that the people who hunt private land have a valid complaint!
I have no problem with dog hunting. It is legal and is your right to do so. The problem is that people who still hunt on PRIVATE land should not have to fight your dogs. YOU AS A DOG HUNTER HAVE THE RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP YOUR DOGS OFF OF PRIVATE LANDS WHERE THEY ARE NOT WANTED. IT IS YOUR CHOICE AND YOUR RESPONSIBILITY; EVEN IF IT MEANS ERECTING A FENCE ALONG THE EDGE OF 10000 ACRES. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. EVERY RIGHT WE HAVE COMES WITH RESPONSIBILITY. I CHOOSE TO DRINK BEER, BUT IT IS MY RESPONSIBILITY NOT TO DRIVE WHILE DRINKING. If the champion boxer in my back yard gets out, it is my responsibility and my problem if it poops on my neighbor's driveway. If you choose to take advantage of your right to hunt with dogs, you must be responsible for those dogs and keep them under control and off of private lands where they are not wanted. But, if a dog does come on your private land, DON'T KILL IT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. IT AINT HIS FAULT!!! CONTACT THE OWNER AND INFORM HIM HE CAN COME GET IT. WHEN HE GETS THERE, TELL HIM NEXT TIME, HE CAN CHECK THE LOCAL POUND!!!
P.S. the key word is "RESPONSIBILITY" ... LOOK IT UP!!!
P.S.S. I would never shoot a dog, I don't eat them and it is not the dog's fault.

cut and paste
i see you learned how to cut and paste i think ive seen this post some where before budfish
Chill Out
It seems like every time there is a dog hunting post, other hunters go crazy. Where i hunt, in the marsh, we don't have a problem with dogs, but it seems like this problem could easily be solved if hunters had "more" control of their animals and a little more respect for still hunters.
Yeah its enough
Lets start talking about banning the robo-duck!!!!
Some people are IDIOTS.
I see you actually can retain memory! Welcome to life. Yes, I cut and paste my own posts sometimes because some people never get it. If your dogs are disturbing people hunting private land, you are in the wrong and if it is not your responsibility to keep your dogs off of lands where they are not wanted, then the landowners have the right to claim the dogs and turn them over to the pound, or send them to relatives in other states as pets. And by the way, I not only cut and paste, I keep these posts on my computer as documents so that I can post them on every site I visit so that everyone knows where I stand on these issues.
Happy hunting
I could care less about robo ducks, That battery powered duck aint gonna fly by my blind and chase away my pouldeau.... LOL
You can't even take a poll, it turns into a catfight again!!
I'm sick of the crying!!!!
Lets talk about some HUNTING and stop being like 2 idiots running for an election and just bashing each other!!
THIS IS FUN!!!!!!!! Dog Hunters are elementary easy. Lets Keep it fun.
lets get the ldwf to poll lic. hunters to see if dog hunting should be allowed on public lands and go with what the poll results say--i would vote for that and if i lost on this vote would forever hold my peace about dog hunting--bet i can not get the same from the doggie bunch
Dogs only during the last week of the season would be my suggestion.
Its coming !!! PLUM Creek is changing the rules on their property. Not long b4 the rest follow!!
Dogs, Dogs, Dogs, and More Dogs
Go back to your grandparents day of hunting and see if they didn't hunt with dogs.
In those days, dogs were very important because killing was truly for their livelyhood. They had to kill to have meat on the table. They didn't have the money or time to build a nice box stand with carpet, windows, heaters, cushon chairs, doors, etc much less SIT in a stand all day and hope a deer walked out. They had to feed their family. Coons, squireels, Possums, rabbits, deer, hogs...were all hunted with DOGS.
Why would some of you want to ruin or hertitage? History or American Hunting?
Sounds pretty selfish to me.
Once Again ...
Once again you enlighten me. You are right, let's not give up history and heritage. Let's get a big boat and set sail for Africa. We can bring a whole bunch of people back and turn them into slaves. After we do that, let's make it illegal for women to vote. Once that is finished, let's head out west and look for some savages. We might as well start slaughtering Indians. While we are killing Indians, let's shoot millions and millions of buffalo and every other animal we see.
Yes, my grandparents hunting with dogs, they also shot everything that moved. My grandparents also made about $3000 a year and had to get water from a well in their backyard. I think EVERYONE needs to go back to htat kind of lifestyle. Ask your granparents how many deer they killed a year. I think it was in the 1950's or 1960's when the deer population was at all time lows. I can remember my grandfather telling me how excited he would get just by seeing a track!
I own deer dogs, I love the dog hunting tradition. Our hunting group usually doesn't have any trouble with anti dog hunters. I live and hunt in Winn parish, and we have some clubs that don't run dogs, but for the most part they are courteous, and respectful, if the dogs do get on their club. Different situations call for different measures though. We as dog hunters don not deliberatley turn loose on someone elses private property. The dogs certainly do not cross onto private land every time they get turned loose. And when they do, they are usually pushing a deer from the kisatchie on to the club. It doesn't make sense to me to complain about pushing more deer onto your property. As far as the argument that dogs run all the deer off never to return, that's just untrue. I have jumped they same deer in the same tree top 2 days in a row too many times. It is very selfish to want to end dog season all together. We already have a season for still hunting only, just to cater to people that only still hunt. But, no such thing for the dog hunter. I heard mention of starting a poll with the LDWF about dog hunting, well, there has already been that poll many times, and dog hunting is still here. Therefore I would have to assume that the majority of still hunters in the state are not totally against it. As a matter of fact there was a LDWF poll that went around just this year, and when I last checked it was 41% for 27% against and 32% that didn't care either way. I don't know the final outcome of that particular poll though. All this bickering and fighting sure isn't helping our sport and beloved past time of hunting all together. The antihunters love the way we fight amongst ourselves as hunters. They know that eventually another type of hunting will go down the drain, and be just a memory. When the dog hunting is gone, what kind of hunting do you think they will be on next?
dog hunters
dog hunters have no respect for still hunters. if they find out or think there is a buck scraping or rubbing around a still hunter they will turn the dogs loose. they will even invite them self to sit in your box stand and turn the dogs loose at your feeder , but it is ok lets listen to the exciting dogs bark. all dog hunting should be banned!!!!!
You guys are WEAK!!!
"JB" your last post is sooo pitiful. You have no hertitage in your blood. Sign of a true LIBERAL.

"FootBall" - You gave yourself away when you posted that you hunted over corn feeders.... YOU, my friend are NOT a Real KILLER. You sit in a warm box stand, feed the deer by a timed response, like a new born baby on a tit, and call that hunting. You are no more of a hunter than "JB" or might I say my Grandma
You guys both probably, pay for guide hunts, hunt on High fenced land, and have brought in deer and other animals to your land. REAL HUNTERS???
NO Traditon
No Hertitage

Safe all of your post for somebody else.
What should be banned is box stands and feeders!! Why don't you just go shoot a cow out in the fenced in pasture over the hay bail? Come on, guys some still hunters, do things that other still hunters don't think is right, as do some dog hunters. Being bull headed and making rude comments is not going to help the conflict in anyway.
Last survey
92% against dog hunting
8% for dog hunting
Latest Survey
99% for dog hunters
01% against dog hunters

You 01% so-called hunters should stop hunting over corn feeders. All ou are doing is taming the deer. be a real KILLER
Why do you think box stands should be banned? This past year I put out 3 box stands on my lease. The reason for this is when it is raining I have a place to go to hunt. Nothing sucks more than working all week heading to the camp for the weekend and all it does is rain. Rather than hang out at the camp or sitting in a tree getting soaked I have a place to hunt and stay dry.
no corn feeders or food plots on public land just good old one on one hunting--except for the dogs--i am asking for a poll on public lands not banning all dog hunting--i will bet any moneys out there that the doggies lose on public lands
fellas, i didn't mean to start another post to fight on. i was just trying to make a point that all this arguing is going no where. i totally understand the point of dogs coming on private land. (would piss me off to). it is not the dogs fault he is going by instinct and knows no boundries. like i said at this time until the law is changed not much can be done. i think this issue is more engrained than any tradition in the state eg cockfighting, dogfighting. i personally don't like either. mostly dog fighting. as long as you eat the chicken after i guess it is ok. i also see where people talk about food plots, corn etc. maybe we should all hunt buck naked with a rock (2lb max) or stick (2inch dia, 2ft length) same advantages for all and the deer.

this just hit me - all dog hunting will be done with each dog on a leash maintained by a dog handler 2 dogs per handler.
I don't really have anything against box stands(shooting houses). But there is no fair chase in baiting a deer.
Fair Chase! Hah!
So there is no fair chase in baiting, I agree, but what is fair about chasing with dogs? Personally, I do not hunt over bait, high fences, guides nor anything else that is a given. The only advantages I have over deer is camoflauge, a couple of cover scents that I use, knowledge, and a bow. The dog debate is old. I don't know where the 99% for dog hunting and the 1% against came from, but I would have to ask for a recount on that one. I think it would be closer to the opposite of what was listed.
Try scouting, looking for trails (natural), find bedding areas, figure where the best place to set up is located and wait for the deer of your choice to come within 35 yards and take your shot. In the defense of the others who choose to hunt over hundreds of baits (corn, rice bran, salt blocks, etc)the deer know they can travel at night to eat, so more than likely they won't see a trophy just does an small spikes etc. If you want bigger and better deer, keep the dogs in the yard, corn in the garden, find trails, do your homework and hunt.
However, I committed to make positive coments so this is all I will say. To each his own.
Good luck "Killing" "Harvesting" "Slaughtering" or whatever else you may call it.
YOU KNOW SOME OF US LIKE TO USE THE CORN BECAUSE WE MAY HAVE DEER COME IN AT OVER 400 YARDS AND WE CANT GET ANOTYHER STAND ON THIS SHOOTING LANE. I LIKE TO USE CORN SO THE DEER ARE NOT SO SCARED ABOUT GETTING CLOSE TO THE STAND. Bait should not be baned if you dont weant to hunt over bait that is your decison.I like my corn and I domnt pile it up we make the deer scrape for the corn. This isnt anything but opion what you think and what others think isnt nothing but your opion. because there are some places where you hasve to use bait almost to kill a deer. I think baiting is all right because this gives the deer more food and more nutrition and I also like to use food plots. So you know this is just an opion, but dont go over board on your opions. Dirtyric what room do you have to talk man you put up pictures that everybvody hates, just becuas esome people go on TROPHEY guided hunts doesnt mean anything. If I got the chance I would definetley go to Canada or Iowa or illinois or Nebraska on a trophey hunt but it will be fair chase.
corn and foodplots
corn is very low in protien so it has almost now effect on antler growth,it does make for heiver deer. as far as food plots if 10% of your land is not a food plot it will also have very little effect on antler size or weight. so to all the ethical hunters if you feed corn and dont have 10% of your land planted with food plots you are not doing one thing to help your deer all you are doing is murdering innocent hungry helpless little deer. that being said i do the same thing i am not putting down anyones way of hunting im just making petas argument for them after the dogs are banned and headshots are outlawed. tha biggest threat to hunters is fenced in ranches that import CWD. yes they are fenced in but sometimes animals do escape and then the states deer are infected with CWD then we wont have to argue obout dogs and headshots all we will have is memories . yall say doggers need to learn real hunting skills, maybe so, but the rich a-holes who spend thousand to hunt trapped animals are the ones who need to learn so real hunting skills.ive seen videos of drugged deer being pjroped up against trees so some rich A- HOLE can shoot it take a picture and brag. GOOD LUCK TO ALL HUNTERS THIS WEEKEND
FYI...antlers are primarily made up of calcium, phosphorus, and potassium... not protien
We shot bucks only.
We shoot only bucks at my lease were I feed CORN. The only time we kill does is if its early season and we need meat or one of our family members has never shot a deer. We have more than 10% of our lease in food plots. So we like to feed corn because it brings the bucks in from 400 yards to 200 yards. Like I said its all opions dont make rash decissions on opions.
if you only shoot bucks then that is not in the best interest of the deer herd in your area
go check out ingrediets of olroy dog food and get back to me . ok so corn does what?
well the people around us.
well all the other people around us take up the slack since it is only 7-9 of us who hunt there ( Most of the time only 4 or 5) we just try to kill bucks only becuase that way we are not always skining a deer. Everybody else takes up the slack for us.
just pulling your chain you seem ok
try just eating bannanas milk and salt and let me know how strong your bones are smartty. protien builds everything
I know
I love a good joke! when a feller pulls your chain he is making sure he is your friend or not.=)