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Holographic side Hot Pink Mirrorlures

Hey guys.......for fishermen who like fishing with Mirror Lures, if you did NOT see my post a few months ago, Tony at Puglia's bought a special order (60) of the HOT PINK Mirror Lure with the holographic sides,which works much better than the original one. When water conditions are 'stained' and not very clear, the hot pink mirror lure works great.

The new holographic side hot pink Mirror Lure is number S52MRHP. This is the 'slow sinker'. The 'S' preceding the numbers indicate it is the holographic sides one. Puglia's has them for sale at the same price as other Mirror Lures. Please help him sell these as I begged him to make this special order.

Call Puglia's at 504-837-0291. I'm sure most fishermen know that Puglia's is located on Veterans just before Bonnabel.
I'll help you and Anthony. I absolutely think the slow sinkers are a great fish finder. Many a time I'll throw the slow sinker, catch a fish or two and then move back to plastic (catch more fish quicker). Just looked in my box and my favorite had vanished. I've got three sons! Never tried the holographic ones. I'll give it a whirl. Do you find they work better?
Yes Tony, I find the holographic side new Mirror Lure look much more like a small mullet than the old ones. I torched specks year before last with the S52MREC (Electric Chicken) one. I found it worked much better than the older electric chicken one I used to used.

The new holographic side 'Hot Pink' slow sinker looks GREAT. I'm anxious to try it this fall.