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RedFish Crab Cakes

3-4 redfish filets
1-1 ½ cups miracle whip
Bread crumbs or substitute crushed Ritz Crackers
1 bunch green onions cut up
6 splashes of Worcestershire
1 yellow onion diced
1 bell pepper diced
1 egg
Small amount of fish fry
Creole seasoning
4-5 capfuls of liquid crab boil

Bring water and crab boil to a boil-add whole redfish filets-boil for 2-3 minutes-turn off and let soak for 5 minutes in crab boil and water.
Sauté yellow onion and bell pepper in small amount of olive oil . remove fish into a bowl add onions and bell pepper put in fridge to cool for 15-20 minutes.
After fish has cooled mix all ingredients in a bowl and mix, careful not to break up fish in too small of pieces.
Add enough bread crumbs so that you can form hamburger size patties then coat both sides of patty with fish fry.
Place patties in a skillet with small amount of olive oil and fry on medium-medium high heat.
Once patties are golden brown on both sides remove and eat
I have started to use crushed Ritz Crackers instead of bread crumbs and like it much better.
Re: RedFish Crab Cakes
Never tried this, have some redfish in the freezer. Thanks!
Re: RedFish Crab Cakes
Add a diced Jalapeno pepper and it's even better.
Re: RedFish Crab Cakes
i use any kind of fish to make crab meat. Made crab bisque this past weekend with specs and I could have sworn I was sitting at Sammy's Grill in Baton Rouge eating theirs. OOOOH SO GOOD.
Re: RedFish Crab Cakes
Gotta try this out this weekend on 'da island! Thanks