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How do you get to the banks of the Amite to fish?

I have spent hours both online and on the road, trying to find a place to take my daughter fishing on the Amite in Denham Springs that isn't posted private property. Have chased quite a few directions given by locals, and none of them have landed us a fishing spot yet. Or anywhere else that could be promising. Detailed directions please, don't know the area very well yet.

We did make to Port Vincent the other day, and fished off the bank at Freds, but the fishing was rough, competing with the boat launch and all.

Can anyone please give me directions to some good bank fishing locally along the Amite for Bass? We just moved here 4 days ago, and she really wants to catch a fish. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Have found plenty of places with a boat, and when we get our boat in about a year, that will be great. For now, though.............
Hmmm. I can put you in some spots for bank fishing, but finding bass is tough without a boat this time of year. I would recommend heading out to Airline Hwy towards Gramercy. You can fish along side of Airline Hwy for a long stretch. Also St James boat launch you can fish Airline Canal and Blind River, but you will have a lot of boats idling by, there is still much more room to fish than Freds. Maybe bring some worms or crickets and you will catch catfish or bream, makes for fun when you can't find a bass. You could also go around Manchac area, not too far from you, off of I-55, I think the Ruddock exit and right under overpass is an area you can fish. Not sure how good fishing is there, but there is a small launch with rocky banks.