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Mermentau River Tournament

The water is finding to be clearing up little by little week by week. The lack of rain is really helping speed the clarity up. We made a run north to some swift current areas, that had produced the week before, to start our morning off. A few small bites is the only thing we found. We left there and decided to stick to the main river. We fished the straight deep banks of the river. Not the flat sides. The areas we got bit the most were straight banks with rocks, current, and shade. The three baits used to catch the 9.95 pounds to land us in 3rd were:

-Cajun Lures PooDoo Craw in Black n Blue with a Pousson's Punch Skirt in Chobee Craw with a 3/8 Dominator Tungsten Weight

-Cajun Lures Bayou Bug in Red Bug color setup with a 3/8oz Dominator tungsten flippin weight

-Cajun Lures custom trick worm in Black n Blue and Red Bug fished on a Dominator Rock-n-Roll Swing Jig 3/8oz

We had to absolutely touch the cover to get the fish to bite. The water is falling and clearing up. In a few weeks the river will be just right.