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You guys who dont use bait or even disapprove of using it. Why are some of yall so crazy about getting bait use Illegal? There are some of us who like to sit in our warm box stands and get those deer in from 500 yards down to 200 especially if its a hard area to put up another stand. I believe bait should be used if you dont want to use it or if you do want to use it. And no i know for fact yall are gonna casll me a pansy deer guied hunter who sits there and waits for his deer to come to the bait. No I dont hunt like that always but i do. But we still find our places to set up stands and do our homework and know well If I put a stand there this is where the trail is etc. My bit.
what about cameras.
Alot of you guys who say I dont use bait blah blah blah use cameras I have nevwer used a camera even though I would love to have one. Cameras alos maynot be fair chase since you know that the big boy is there or he aint there. So we have to come to a conclusion now.=)
if it gets the deer close to get have at it so people can't afford a camera
that't the final word of the day
southern runner
dont let them self righteous wanna be hunters pull your chain.. it just dont matter ..if you dont believe what they do you become ''unethical'' ..they all full of you know what!!! dont let em see they can get on your nerves..

stay real dude.

I dont care.
Im gonna hunt over a food plot or corn every chance I get!=) 7mmkilla you have a point they are full of it.
miss. gonna pass feeders next year too.
so much for the know it alls.
if you do your homework your should be closer than 500 yards right.....
there is a creek running right through the place and we dont have a climber that will fit around a giant tree. So yeah we already have a box stand on the hill which is in about the only place since it is on a highline! So yeah its kind of hard to get a tripod or even a ladder back up that highline.
No I think we will
No in Ms we will be able to bait next year I have a good feeling aboput it. This lease Im taling about is in TENSAS.
Gentlemen, the camera is designed for the hunter to know "How big" the deer, (that we already know is there) is. If we didn't know that there were deer there, we wouldn't put up the camera. Does that make sense? If I am hunting a scrape line, it may take me several days to even see that deer, or if I am hunting a trail and I know there are bucks walking the trail, I may not want to spend the entire season hunting tracks that I think are from a "good buck" and it end up being a 6 point or something. I set up cameras on trails, not food troughs.