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has any body been bow hunting on sherburne lately
southern runner
I need help also.
Slow at Sherburne
I made an afternoon hunt today. The only movement I saw was late in the day, the squirrels came out before dark.

I did not hear a single shot all afternoon. I did talk with a game warden and he said that about 25 deer had been killed today. He said a couple were nice 8 Pt's.

I talked with two other groups of hunters, and none of the 4 hunters had seen any deer while hunting.

I found that the mosquitoes were not as bad as they were for Thanksgivings weekend.
Me and two buddies hunted there Friday and Saturday morning and we saw no deer at all. We hunted all day Friday and all I saw were about twenty gobblers and an oppossum. The deer don't seem like they are moving much at all right now and I can't seem to pattern what they are feeding on being all of the acorns are gone. We hunted travel trails and I think we should have hunted an area with alot of pressure because we heard alot of gunshots coming from around the four wheeler trail along Little Alabama. We had no one else around us where we were. We had saw six deer in this same area on the first either sex hunt. I still couldn't believe how few hunters they had in Sherburne. We too found the mosquitos were alot better than the first either sex hunt and also than the Saturday before this weekends hunt when we went scouting. I will be back in the woods for bucks only on the 30th and I will be praying for some cold weather.
Patience my friends.
Stay the course. Ain't nibody seeing deer yet. Within the next few weeks they should be moving in daylight hours. Amazing what the sexual urges of a deer will do their common sense.

Lock, load, and be vigilant.
To Gauger
Gauger, I am new to Sheburne. What area should I start with?
sherburne report.
hunted friday by myself and had 2 does come on me about 8:00. they stayed in some thick bushes and i could not get a shot.saturday three of us hunted and my brother got a big doe.he shot it while he was waiting to be picked up at never know when ones gonna pop will get better in a few weeks though.
went to the honey hole spot this friday morning. had killed a spike the friday after thanks giving. deer were all over. tracks, scarpes, and rubs. but this time there were to tracks, no scrapes, and old rubs. did not see a thing. i came home early. they must have killed them all?
I haven't hunted sherburne in several yaers, but the east side is where I had the most luck. Grew up hunting near what is the South farm now. You need permission from private land owners or have to get there by boat, your feet, sweat, and guts.
Happry Town area used to be a productive spot for me also, but it seems everyone know about it now. I belueve if the LDWF took out 75% of the roads the area would be schweet.