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Fishing around Bayou Black without trespassing?

I am a new boat owner, and from what I gather from reading these forums, fishing around Bayou Black and the ICW area can easily get you a trespassing ticket/charge if an overbearing 'water' owner decides to harass you.

So with that said, how can you tell when you are 'private' water or not? I saw one post that said if you are in the marsh then you are almost certainly on private water but I am not sure what the difference between the marsh and what the rest of the water looks like - I would easily get into the marsh and have no idea I was there.

The historical posts also seem to indicate that many canals are private -- does this mean any water way leading off main bodies?

I have read many reports on how great the fishing is there, but not sure its worth it with such ignorant 'water' owners around.
Get a map, go fishing. If someone runs you out, mark it on the map. Most citations are during duck season. This time of year, a warning is usually given. If they catch you again, well you asked for it.
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in most cases, if you stay out the marsh, you will be fine.
Honestly, 99% of everything at this point off the ICW is private. But some owners allow it to be fished and some religiously don't.

If you look at a map its very easy to tell marsh from main canals. Stay out the marsh to be safe.

Ok areas are (most of) orange grove, 70 mile, canals off the copasaw, canals off the pipeline, turtle bayou..

Areas to stay out of are back of antil (connected to orange grove), crawford, and I believe the union canals and if there is a sign about no fishing.

You will see a lot of trespassing signs but most are for the actual land.
Black Bayou itself is public and so is the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge. Otherwise, it's all private.
The best way to judge is: if you don't have solid banks on both sides of your boat, your trespassing.
I was given this warning by Crawford himself.