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Maine Deer hunting.. room for a couple hunters. DONT MISS!

My wife and I hunt Maine each year for whitetails. If you have ever wanted to experience a true deer hunt in the wilderness then this is it. No tree stands over feed, just actual hunting, tracking and enjoying the true art of hunting. No bunch of hunters around, no spooked game. The last two years between me and my wife we have taken two 8pt and a 10pt the smallest was 189lbs dressed. I have taken 190 inch non typical whitetails in Maine personally. Hunting in Maine is an incredible experience and very affordable. Non-resident buck tag which includes, black bear, snowshoe's rabbits, ruffed grouse, coyotes all at the same time, is only 150 dollars.
We camp and hunt primitive, using high quality canvas tents and the finest gear. If this sounds like fun, message me here and I am happy to give you more info to make the trip yourself or tag along with us. Deer season opens first week of November and lasts 3.5 weeks. You can easily make the hunt for under 1000 per person. If you hunt the 2nd week there's a good chance you can hunt with some snow cover which makes a great hunt! Imagine thousands of miles of dirt roads and clear cuts. Millions of acres of timber company land FREE to camp and hunt on! The only place like it left in America!
My wife and I have room in our vehicle for a couple hunters and it's a 2 day trip up, we stay 6 days and then home so 10 day total trip. A truly amazing experience in a land of huge bucks and other incredible wildlife. Join us! I guarantee once you hunt Maine, you are hooked forever, I have been hunting Maine for over 30yrs, you can buy a big game tag there at 10yrs old! Great place to start your youngster early!
I'm interested in finding out more information about the Maine hunting.
Please contact me.
I am interested in taking this trip with you, I live in the Baton Rouge area. I have vacation scheduled to hunt the first two weeks of November, I just have not decided on a place yet and your trip sounds very interesting. Email me @ your dates that you will be on the trip and any other particulars.