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Plaquemines Pork Chop

Dropped her @ 150yds. w/270 short mag ballistic tip, left a massive hole and destroyed organs, but no way will these bullets pass through, had a deer run off last year w/ these same bullets, thankfully he only went 20yds because of Katrina downed trees, can anyone suggest a better bullet for a 270 WSM?
Better Bullets
I like something with a lead point for hunting because of better mushrooming. I use a boat-tail softpoint.
other bullets
try the federal vital shot 270 win 130 grain nosier ballistic tip shells i never killed nothing yet i just from somebody that my son talked to and the deer droprd in it tracks when he shot so give it a try to might like them .
southern runner
they are very accrate all of 15 shot in a 2inch to 3inch diamater where they landed in a indoor range at 100 yars . i just a rookie .
Bullet Choice
Try a 130 gr. Barnes triple shock or a winchester XP3 but the XP3 only comes in 150 gr. I think. The other one would be the accubond in 130 gr.
I switched this season and have been very pleased with the results.
bullet type
Right name, wrong bullet, Shoot Nosler Partitions, I shoot the plastic tips to practice only, They group just about the same. Shoot---only Nosler Partitions, I Shoot the 130's in my 270.
Federal Premium
Barnes Triple Shock 130gr....DEADLY and accurate..And then shoot them in the head and waste less meat. The hog's heart is positioned vey different than a deer. It is low between the legs, like right behind the brisket. Difficult to get a good shot at. Head shots with accurate bullets will stop them in their tracks!!
better bullet
try a 130 grain federal premium accubond. The accuracy is second to none and the hold a little better than regular ballistic tips. I am yet to have an animal run on me since i started shooting them!!! good luck

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