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Duck Hunting near Ruston, La

I moved up to Ruston for school from south Louisiana and am sick to my stomach at the thought of not having a spot to hunt this year. Please if anyone has any advice to give on good places (not trying to take anyones spot) to hunt without a boat, I would greatly appreciate it.
Re: Duck Hunting near Ruston, La
How bout them dawgs! There's some top notch hunting but I've found the key to success up here is being mobile. There's a lot of chasing the birds but luckily tech has a great duck hunting community that most people are happy to share exactly where they are finding birds. Within 30-60min there is Russell Sage, wham, beouf, lake darbonne, lake Claiborne, Caney lake and plenty of people with private land in your classes. There is some access to these places with a 4 wheeler but my advice is to start talking with people in your classes, everyone up here duck hunts and depend on each other to find the ducks so it's pretty easy to get in with a group with a boat

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