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How do I install Capt Paul waypoints in GPS mounted in dash?

Capt Paul.

I am headed to Point Au Chene in mid October for redfish and want any assistance you can provide about finding fish in the area. I am new to salt water fishing and am trying to learn where to target reds in the fall around Leeville. In addition, I plan to purchase a Leeville West set of points/routes from this site, but need help getting those loaded. My Lowrance HDS7 is mounted 'in dash' so I cannot easily get it out to connect it to a computer. How do I get the data loaded via SD card?

Thanks for your help.
Re: Transfering EDGE data files to your GPS unit.September 23 at 5:34pm
~ Captain Paul's response ~
The Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge is provided as an electric download to your computer. For Lowrance users I recommend that you download their INSIGHT PLANNER from their web site. This program will allow you to easily transfer data files (waypoints, routes and tracks) from and to your GPS unit and a computer.

The transfer from the GPS is accomplished by using a SPARE memory card which is placed in the GPS unit then the card reader of your computer. To install data in the GPS unit the reverse would apply.

Basically, you receive the download, save it to a file folder in your computer, open the INSIGHT program and import it into the program. Once there, you can edit, add or delete the data as it will show as an overlay on a crude map of the area.
The procedure they requires you to then save the data to the spare memory card, which is then placed in the GPS unit.

The EDGE download comes with set of READ ME and INSTRUCTIONS for Lowrance units. By following the instructions, you can load the data into your GPS unit. If need be, contact me and I would walk you through the procedure.

Captain Paul