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Squirrel Hunting

Hello all. I'm new to squirrel hunting and located in the southeast Louisiana area, between baton rouge and new orleans. I would like to take my little boy squirrel hunting along with me. I don't have access to a boat. Any recommendations on walk-in areas of WMAs or NWRs?

Feel free to PM me. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
Go on Louisiana Department of wildlife and Fisheries under WMA and check season dates for the areas you wish to hunt. They also provide decent maps of roads and camp grounds. Go a day early to scout a location and bring a compass. Most people that are successful have experience, effort and knowledge of areas that hold squirrels.
Pearl River. The walking is much better now years after Katrina. When I take my son squirrel hunting for the first time next year, it will be at Pearl River