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Toledo Bend Crappie brushpiles?

Is there any on here trying to find some brushpiles to fish with my son in the next few weeks.We just have basic fishfinder/depthfinder we only have 2 days to fish and dont want to have to use those days driving around looking for them.PM me if yall dont want to share On here thanks for yall!
Captain Paul's response:

I don't have any positions for brush piles, but I do have the locations of the LDWF artificial reef sites.

They are as follow:

Here is what I have so far for Toledo Bend:

Toledo Bend

These locations were determined by using WGS 84 DATUM and expressed as Degrees, minutes, seconds and hundredths of Seconds. (DDD,MM,

Spillway Reel— 31° 11’ 39.97” N: 93 34’ 30.49” W
South Toledo Bend State Park 1— 31° 12’ 04.5” N: 93° 35’ 06.1” W
South Toledo Bend State Park 2— 31° 12’ 04.5” N; 93° 34’ 50.5” W
Eagle Scout Reel—31° 16’ 14.1” N: 93° 34’ 50.8” W
Pendleton Bridge — 31° 29’ 12.8” N: 93° 42’ 41.9” W
North Toledo Bend Stale Park 1— 31° 32’ 41.96” N: 93° 43’ 46.64” W
North Toledo Bend Slate Park 2— 31° 32’ 40.0” N: 93 43’ 45.3” W

~Captain Paul ~
There is a lot of work that goes into building a brush pile. The ethical thing to do is put in the work to build your own or hire a guide that has taken the time to build some brush piles. I understand that you may not have time and want your son to be able to catch some fish, but people put a lot of work into building brush piles so that either themselves or their clients can catch fish and it really disappointing when a poacher is fishing them instead. Cal, a guide!
Good information for you from Capt Paul.

Good luck, but you asking for a lot!!! lol