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Are We Responsible For Creating Super-Hogs?

The men in our family have hunted hogs since they started showing up here in the mid 70s to early 80s. My older brother got me started hog hunting using bay dogs and catch dogs. When we first began hunting them, a hog might run a couple of hundred yards before baying-up. It was very rarely that we had to run very far to the place where the pig stopped to confront the dogs.

Once in a blue moon we would encounter a 'runner'. A 'runner' was a pig that would keep on going looong distance before baying up. We would catch our dogs, pulling them off the runner and try to get them on another hog. More and more hogs we encountered would 'run'. It finally got to the point where almost EVERY hog would run for miles before baying-up.

It became obvious to us that through attrition, we had killed the bloodlines of the hogs that would bay-up quickly and, the only ones left alive to breed were the ones that were 'runners'. Our dogs would run the hogs across highways and waterways. We lost many dogs killed crossing the roads. We had to employ boats and three wheelers if we wanted to kill the hog or catch our dogs! The boys who still dog-hunt are young, healthy and can run forever! They are the true endurance athletes of the hunting and fishing community! I'm waaay too old, too fat and too lazy to hunt like a marathon runner.

So, we began putting out corn and hunting them from a blind. We were very successful in the beginning. As time went on less and less hogs would come to the feed during daylight. We knew, from the evidence of areas rooted up that the hog population was healthy and plentiful. Again, we killed the ones most likely to feed during daylight. We obviously contributed to the nocturnal bloodlines to the point where we hardly ever shoot a pig during daylight any more.

It is scientifically proven that hogs are just behind the apes and dogs when it comes to intelligence. By culling the ones that were easier to hunt and by the hogs learning how to avoid hunters tactics, we have created bloodlines of hogs that have become exponentially harder to kill. We have absolutely altered the gene-pool in our hogs!!!

I believe that being allowed to hunt them at night has given us a much needed advantage again. Even though the Wildlife and Fisheries have made it necessary for us to jump through various hoops in order to hunt hogs at night legally. At least for now we might enjoy another short-lived strategic advantage. We sure can use every advantage we get. It may not last very long!!