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What 1911's like to feed on

I'm sure many of you have had more experience than I've had concerning 1911's. I've only owned 5 or 6 over the past 10 years but I had a few simple questions. 'Are 1911 brands biased to JHP ammo? What manufacturers offer a .45 1911 that will reliably shoot hollow points right out the box?' I've managed to make a few small changes (polish feed ramp and use aftermarket mags) to accomplish this. Any feedback is appreciated.
Re: What 1911\\\'s like to feed on
My son has one of the new series 1991 Colt Government model 1911s and it has fed hollowpoints reliably since he got it. The gun is engineered for them out of the box. Years ago, I had to have the feed ramp of my WWII Remington Rand 1911 altered and polished to handle JHP. Not so with Son's new Colt.

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