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Capt. Bob's Leeville Report

The Hobie Worlds Kayak Championship 6 held in Leeville, is now airing on episode 1498 and 1499 and beginning on Between the Banks Television venues. Special Thanks to the area Kayak clubs and yakers who helped make it a great Championship. Like Hobie, you are always welcome fishing anywhere along LA. 1 from Thibodaux to Grand Isle, despite whatever Launch Leeville might post on facebook. Who cares?

In the meantime good luck yaking.....Capt. Bob
What did they post about the Hobie Yak Tournament? Didn't see where LL was disparaging of Hobie. Please enlighten us?
Someone is butt hurt because some of the tourney events were in Fouchon as oppose to all of them being in Leeville.

The lady who runs the Facebook account, is the self-appointed queen of Leeville. She has a very large ego, and believes only what she says or does is the right thing for Leeville. Her past actions almost stopped the new launch from being built. If it is not her decision then it is the wrong decision.

Guys like Capt. Bob have done more for Leeville than Queen Leeville every dreamed about doing.
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