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Anyone ever attempt this?
Read this:
Thank you
I learned some lessons after my first spot and stalk hunt in Kasatchie thought I would share.
-Never, ever, ever forget the snacks and water !! it will end the hunt a little earlier than planned.
-I underestimated how difficult it would be to move with the wind and how much it changes.
-My 10 year old son can be a lot quieter than I had originally thought.
-My son loves this kind of hunting, and so did I
-I was in on a doe at 50 yards and spooked her before getting a good shot. My adrenaline was going so much!! I can see how easily it is for hunters to rush into the shot and injure the deer instead of killing it.
-Online scouting is not as hard as I thought, I was convinced I was going to skunk and not see a single deer.
-I will no longer measure successful hunts based on weather or not I harvested a deer.
This was a fantastic experience for my son and I. We had a great time camping out, waking up early and walking very stealthy in the woods. Kasatchie is absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait until next season!!
....also I am addicted to buying gear for bow hunting !! lol.