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is it safe to hunt lacassine and put in at gary's landing with a 14x36 aluminum boat with a 15 mercury running 25 with a pirogue?
Re: lacassine
Both my boat and my hunting partner's boats, both of which are larger than yours have been sunk at Lacassine at different times in the last 3 years. An older acquaintance who I have hunted with also had a son who died at Lacassine. I also had a friend who died on the Intracoastal canal when a crew boat hit them in the fog, so there are some who would say that a 36' bottom boat is never big/stable enough; however, I would say that if you hunted the pipeline canal area and avoided parking on the Intracoastal, most days you would be ok. If you hunt on the Intracoastal, you may be fine for a while, but sooner or later conditions will align, and an oil tanker or a tug hauling butt that is not pushing a barge will sink your boat. One other warning. Do not bring anyone who is out of shape. There are areas where you cannot walk, cannot swim, and cannot crawl. If you can't pull them out make sure you can call 911 and have enough water/food to last until they find you(I have had no reception with Verizon or T-Mobile though my friends with AT&T are good). I have had to put friends in the pirogue and drag it across the marsh because they could not walk out on their own. Make sure you carry with you a signed copy of the Lacassine permit that has a map on it showing where you can and cannot hunt in case you get checked by the wardens. Good luck.

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