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Dewey Wills

Capt. Paul,

I have been reading and learning from your posts and articles for years. There is a wealth of information in them that have helped me in the field, on the water, and in my job as a land surveyor. Thanks so much for sharing. I ran across what I believe is a typo in your article on Dewey Wills WMA on the LA Sportsman website. In that article, the coordinates of the Muddy Bayou campground is at N 31°23.484’ W 92° 28.945’. This position plots about 6 miles north of Alexandria. Some of the other coordinates of the points in the article are a bit suspect as well, but that was the most obvious one. I plotted them up in Google Earth, so maybe you are using a different mapping software to get your cords.

Anyway, thanks again for all your help with gps and mapping.

You are correct. The Saline / Dewey Mills positions should read:

N31°23.484’ ~ W92°02.894‘ Muddy Bayou Camp Grounds
N31°27.275’ ~ W92°07.048’ Hwy LA 28 Camp Grounds
N31°23.265’ ~ W92°07.532 Bridge to La HWY 115
N31°23.345’ ~ W92°07.515’ Indian Bayou weigh station

Thank you very much for your information and for being one of my readers.

Captain Paul