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bayou beinvenue red advice

I am new to bayou beinvenue area and looking for some reds. I caught some in the summer working the lake borgne banks but havent had any luck recently. Has anyone ever fished the marsh before the first lock. the marsh that is by bait inc? any advice on where to start or lures( i was thinking spinnerbait) for reds/sheep/drum/bass would be really appreciated.
The Dike canal that runs to the Violet lock, you can fish the drains and cuts off the canal. Be careful it gets shallow back there. A lot of bass and reds back there. Also try fishing the drains off of the Inter-coastal in between the wall and chef pass. Spinner baits work great in both areas. Check out Hall's HD spinnerbaits they work great and are built like a tank. Here is the link to the facebook page:

Good luck man!
thanks for the help. gotta go try it