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Rig GPS coordinate help

I was wondering can you help me out with the coordinates to the circle rigs to the east of Venice offshore or to what they are calling the salt lumps?
Captain Paul's response to: ~ FISHERMAN9985 ~

If you are speaking about a series of 8 platforms that resemble a horseshoe, nearly a compete circle, with the open end facing south, they are located in Main Pass Leased Blocks 305 and 306. The northern most of these platforms is located at or about 29�13.906? N. Latitude ~ 088�33.784? W. Longitude.

From the beginning of the entrance channel to SOUTH PASS of the Mississippi River at Aid to Navigation (ATON) buoy, RED NUN marked R# 2, which is located at or about 28�58.695? N. Latitude ~ 89�06.518?W. Longitude, the southwestern most platform is about 35.3 Miles @ 64� Magnetic. This southwestern most platform is located 29�11.982? N. Latitude ~ 088�34.964?W. Longitude.

From Venice you should navigate to the Head of Passes, into SOUTH PASS until you reach the end Red # 2 ATON at the beginning of the pass. From there the platforms are about 35 miles away on a heading of 64� magnetic.

There is also an article by USGS that stated that there is a salt dome in Main Pass Leased Block 299, however, the only thing that I see is a private yellow buoy marked “U” at 29° 14.499’ N. latitude ~ 088°’44.992’ W. Longitude.
The chart also shown a submerge ship wreck to the north north-west of this buoy at 29° 15.9i8’ N. latitude ~ 088°’45.350’ W. Longitude. The water depth in these areas is about 200-220 feet deep.

I not entirely sure that these are the ?Circle? rig you are asking but mention these platforms because they are placed around a salient rise in the sea bed. This rise is only 32 fathoms (192 feet deep) where as the rest of the sea bed to the south and south east is 90 to 107 fathoms deep. These domes in the seabed have long been known to be a sign of deep petroleum deposits and it seems obvious that is why the rigs are there may be the location of your ?Salt Dome.? I checked the area on MAPTECH?s CONTOUR 3d CHARTfor that area and located what may be your salt domes. Part of the rise that is most prominent is between the two southern most platforms and is at or around 29�11.988? N. Latitude ~ 88�34.267? W. Longitude.

I would get a copy of at least two NOAA Marine charts prior to making the trip. Begin with Chart # 11361 ? Miss River Delta, and then 1115A ? Leased Blocks, Cape St. George to the Mississippi River.

Unless otherwise specified, all positions are stated as H,DDD,MM.mmm and were determined using WGS 84 DATUM. All Headings/bearings/courses are stated in Magnetic Degrees.

I hope this is what you are looking for.

~ Captain Paul ~