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Super Fishing in Cocodrie

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Ed and Kitty Kuhnert came down to fish on Wednesday and they had the time of their lives. Ed had seen me cleaning a mess of fish at Bait House Seafood and wanted in on the great fishing. We were fishing after a week of high winds and dirty water but gave it a go all the same. Things started off slow with only a few trout coming in, although one was a 24' fatty that ate a 5' Havoc Grass Pig. Next spot was no different as only a couple of trout came in, so I decided to go after the reds, drum and sheepshead until the tide changed and cleaner water came in. Armed with fresh shrimp we started putting fish in the box. Drum, reds and sheepshead were coming in real good. After 2 spots and lots of fish the water started to clean up and I decided to try a spot for trout that will have some later but I didn't know it they would be there yet. Well they were there and hungry, with every live shrimp came a trout till we ran out of shrimp and time. We randomly used live shrimp through out the day so I don't now how many I had left at the time but out of 50 to start with we caught 35 trout when they got started. Ed and Kitty were tired and we called it a day and a great day at that. For your day give me a call Capt Tommy Pellegrin
Re: Super Fishing in Cocodrie
Hey Tommy, Thanks for the Cocodrie update. you always seem to be on the fish. I fish out of the Coco marina and plan on going this weekend with my family. Just wondering if you suggest fishing in the east for best results? I'm not that familiar with the eastern side like little pass but would like to get to know it better. Seems the fish start off east and migrate west. Any hints on where we may be able to pick up a few? Thanks