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DRAFT 2017 Coastal Master Plan Submit Feedback

Please see below link for sharing feedback for DRAFT 2017 Coastal Master Plan Submit Feedback
I already submitted my 'feedback' at the meeting in Houma that the State CPRA held there a public, recorded message. The CPRA...did not like it either.
I pointed out that 80% of our coastal marshes are privately owned...most by oil companies who own millions of acres. These deep pocketed corporations are closing off many of the waterways that South Louisianians have used....even before oil companies arrived here. The real problem started in 1987, and the ruling by the US Supreme Court...on Phillips Petroleum vs the State of Mississippi. Phillips bought some land along a river in that state....and the river flowed into the Gulf. This oil company took over the river...believing they owned the river bottom, and any oil and gas under it. They applied for a permit for drilling, and the state told them, they owned the river bottom, always have. The Court ruled in favor of the State. This set these oil companies off like nothing else. In this corrupted state....they started with their cronies in our Legislature. They changed our water access laws in 1990....and few sportsmen realized this...because it as done without any fanfare. We are the only state who does not recognize the Public Trust Doctrine of the US Constitution....which says...No matter who buys, sells, and owns the costal areas affected by the ebb and flow of the tides, ( coastal waterways), the water is always held in Public Trust. The Public has the right to use the waterways. They placed many definitions in these laws, and a deal where a person had to go to a map of 1812....which were highly inaccurate and see if you could use a waterway. Many other silly deals were added also.
The 120 projects of the State CPRA Master Plan...are on....private marshland...much that has eroded or sunk and is no longer there. State law says once this happens, the area is now...State water bottom owned by the state. The sweetheart deal worked out by the State CPRA....IS THIS. They will use between 50 and 100 Billion dollars of PUBLIC funds, and restore these areas...then give them back to the former owner...for all to be posted and the public kept out of the waterways. I told CPRA...they had to be kidding. They will use a massive amount of PUBLIC funds....only to give these restored, private areas back to be posted again...with no access guarantee to the public. They said they had to work out these agreements to 'save the marsh'. Looks like the only deal that will stop the entire misuse of massive amounts of public funds on this deal....are lawsuits.
I 'second' rocknet's feedback 100%!!!
So what do y'all propose? Just let the marsh continue to erode away and nothing be done. For those of us who live in the affected area, it's a matter of whether or not my children will be able to live in the same area that we do now. I understand that most of the marsh is private and is owned by the oil companies, and using 'public funds' to restore this property is questionable. If we don't restore/replace some private marsh then we will lose all of the public marsh as well.

Who are the biggest taxpayers in the state? Isn't a large portion of this money from the BP settlement?

Of course this is not an ideal situation and the oil companies should have been more responsible in the past, but not sure what can be done to fix that now.

It's easy to point out what the problem is, but what is your solution?
Public Trust!!