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Mud Motors

I had an experience a couple of weeks ago in an area lake that was disheartening, and a little aggravating, to say the least. The morning started out really quiet and peaceful, as I had always remembered this place, until around 8:00 am or so. There was this low droning noise approaching from the other side of this island we were fishing and as they rounded the point we saw boats with surface drives headed our way, hugging the cypress.

This parade of boats, with a few air boats thrown in, for more noise I guess, continued their parade, circling the island for hours. We did get an occasional break in the wave action while they stayed in the shallows near us doing 'doughnuts', but the noise was constant. I have never, in all my years fishing this place, seen such a spectacle. Most were polite and waved as the waves rocked me into the cypress,and some swerved as not to run over me as I rounded a cypress with my trolling motor. I guess I was hidden from their view. There were times I couldn't talk to my partner in the back of the boat for the noise. The few eagles we were watching early on vacated the area, as did many of the egrets and other species.

One of my thoughts while watching this unfold was the shallow spawning area that was being chopped up. Not to mention the the silt being kicked up and muddying the water. Is this what I should expect going forward on these lakes?.... I sure hope not.

I got a chuckle when we were idling by at a distance from a game warden boat that was checking someone. These things were coming out of every cut that had water. He stood up, turned, and began scratching his head...... Target rich environment frustration. I wish I would had filmed this cluster.