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Towing a boat

Hey guys, I saltwater fish. Looking to buy a new boat. I have a question about towing and launching. I have a 2016 chevy colorado v6 tow package, was wondering if this is enough truck to tow or launch let's say a 20ft 3000lbs boat? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Looking at mako 19cpx. thanks!
We launch the same size boat with a Ranger v6 and the only problems we have are on very steep ramps but then we just use 4x4 low and it comes right out.
I did replace my rear shocks with coil overs and since then no issue with sagging. Don't go small on the boat...get the most your truck can handle or you'll regret it when you hit the chop in Lake P.
Only other advise is don't haul butt with it, I keep it at 65 and it does fine.
Thanks, was just worried, forgot to mention my truck is a 2wd.