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Roseau Cane Die-Back

I found an interesting post on another site about the cane dying in Venice. Interesting to see another perspective since we are trying to find a contractor to get rid of the pest on our duck lease in SW Louisiana. It has taken over about 1/3 of our lease and continues to grow during the mild winters we have been having.

Larry, any action from WLF to maybe use this biologic in a similar manner as the weevils for Salvania management?

UPDATE: I spoke with Professor Diaz on Monday and there has been no progress on identifying the exact scale that is causing the die-back. The current plan is to put together a task force to first identify which agency is going to take the lead, find funding to do a research project and finally conduct research to control or eliminate the scale infestation.

Of major concern at this time is not knowing what other 'grasses' may be susceptible to the scale including sugar cane, rice, Johnson Grass, Smooth Cord Grass or others that have either or both an environmental and economic impact to the State. A news release is planned in the very near future to update the public.
Please don't spread the roseau-killing scale
I was forwarded the following letter from Dr. Diaz:

Dear XXX,

There is an exotic scale attacking roseau cane in Plaquemines Parish. From phone calls and duck hunting blogs, I understand hunters are bouncing the idea of moving plants infested from Venice to duck leases in Southwest Louisiana. The LSU AgCenter will not recommend such action; basically, we don’t know if this scale attacks only roseau cane. This population of the scale could be a pest of crops including sugarcane, rice, sorghum, and other wetland grasses. We will be conducting trials to see what other grass species at risk from this exotic scale.

Can you please distribute this message among your constituents?


Rodrigo Diaz, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Entomology
Louisiana State University
402 Life Sciences Bldg.
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Re: Roseau Cane Die-Back
The bugs need to start eating the water lilies instead of the cane, those are a very big nuisance and I have been fighting them since 2007..

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