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Bayou Bienvenue

anybody have any reports on the fishing in the Bayou Bienvenue area?
Bienvenue is where I first learned to fish in the NOLA area. I may not know much, but I do know that Bienvenue area is diverse, versatile and protection from the wind is never far. Shoot me a message if you want to join me on an afternoon/evening trip sometime.

I snuck in an evening of fishing at Eddie Pinto's yesterday (4/24/17) afternoon/evening. I launched around 6pm and returned about 9pm.

Caught 5 good reds, broken off by several others (not that I could've kept any more). Sadly only 1 speck. No bass, although I often catch hybrids out of EP's.

All caught on live shrimp purchased at the launch. Fish were sufficiently active that I feel they could've been taken on artificials, but I had enough shrimp and didn't try anything else. I primarily fished the canal leaving EP and Bayou Bienvenue, but also ventured out to the ICW, where too many cats were biting.

If y'all haven't fished out of there, I recommend it. It's an easy launch and the fish are close by on the right days (provided the Bienvenue gate is open).

I generally go to Bienvenue in the evening and have decent success. A limit of Reds is usual, but I've had less and less success with trout over the past few years. I've talked to others recently who've done well with trout even in the (formerly) hot water canal.
alabama man I can assure you those are not hybrids..... hybrids havent been stocked within 100 miles of there in years...
   Dr. Spot
Post a picture. If they have stripes, it's probably either white bass or striped bass.
Probably stripes then. I thought different because the body type seemed different from the stripes I grew up catching in central AL (although those were relatively deep water and much bigger.