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Poor Turkey Season In NW La

Poor Turkey season in the NW La parishes again!?
Very earlier spring and mild winter proved to be disaster for our Turkey season. The very very late opening of season is also a major factor in the poor results that we experienced again this year. Also a very noticeable increase in the coyote population that is exploding into a very real problem contributed to the lack of sign, gobbling and the population of birds where they used to be somewhat plentiful. Well at least you could find a few to hunt anyway!
Turkey season was happening the last two weeks of February and the first two weeks of March in the NW La area. By the time season opened on the calendar it was all but over, again!
Several of my friends and myself have decided we are going to make an attempt to do something about the coyotes and we are leaning toward hunting the turkeys when it is turkey season for the turkeys.
Headed back out to Montague county Texas where we can have a successful season. We would much rather spend a few bucks, ($ 100 ) and bag our limit and have an enjoyable and productive hunt than to waste time and money fooling around in the sportsman's paradise!
I feel your pain, feeling the same way here, in fact I wrote a few notes myself tonight, If you would like to read it I titled it ( OPINIONS ) u will know where I'm coming from!
I agree with the late season start and the abundance of predators, the turkey season in my area in Catahoula parish was way off the normal mark. Not real sure of the reason the LDWF moved the season back by 2 weeks but it sure reduced the number of Gobblers taken in my area. On my property and several of my neighbors we generally take 3-5 gobblers per year. This season ZERO.
The predators by far are my major problem for both the turkeys and deer. Coyotes, Bobcats, Foxes, Raccoons, Skunks, and Possums wear turkeys nest and poults out and with fawn drop coming up in late June through August we will lose quit a few fawns.
We have started really hammering as many predators as we can during trapping season and with calling. Not sure if we can get ahead of the game or not but going to give it a good shot.
The best way I have for observation of the predators and prey is with my trail cameras. Last year I watched a hen turkey with 8-10 poults literally get wiped away within a week. She was down to one chick after a week and not sure if it made it as I never seen either one again after a week. Same for the fawns, Does would show up with two fawns and after a few weeks be down to one or none.
Same thing on our lease in St. Helena Parish/S.E. Louisiana. By the time the season opened calling was a waste of time. 900 acres - five members hunting - decent turkey population - no kills this year.