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I am trying to find out if you can run dogs for hogs in Bayou Sauvage.I was told you can without a firearm.any info will be great.thanks
there is no hunting at all allowed in Orleans Parish. A few years ago they sold permits to trappers to set out traps for hogs. You could not use a firearm in the NWR. That being said, since the NWR's building was burned down by raging Flood Monkeys in 2004, and the National Park Svc budget has been cut, you could prolly go out there and get a couple without being caught. But post-Katrina, I don't know what is alive out there. There were lots of dead hogs, deer, and dogs along I-10 back in Sept/Oct 2005 from the storm.
great advice
yeah go hunt an area that is no hunting allowed. Good advice, just hope you don't get cought!! Even if I knew I wasn't going to get caught I would not hunt like that, I respect rules and regs. and so should all of us!!
If I were you I will listen to Charley. It is not worth getting caught.
ha ha
it's only wrong if you get caught. Besides, if you do get caught, you could prolly trade a few fresh pork chops for your freedom. LOL.

Now, where in my post did I "advise" him to do that? I just said "you could probably get away with it", which he probably could.

Did I say it was a good idea?? nnooooo.

It's like if I told Billy, "Yo Billy, I bet you could hook up with that chick over there and your wife would never know."

Now, was that advice, or just a dumb statement? I never "told" him to do it. LOL, if he's dumb enough to do it, that's all on him.

Jbird, let me know when I can come pick up my fresh chops!!
My good friend is the Wildlife Officer for Bayou Sauvage. Bayou Sauvage is closed for hunting. If you or anyone else has further questions you can contact him at this number/
985-285-8333 Officer Sidney Charbonnet USFWF
Orleans Parish hunting
wilford said: "there is no hunting at all allowed in Orleans Parish." This is not correct.

Deer hunting is allowed in Orleans Parish. See page 18 in the Hunting Regulation booklet.
Watt I gots on my 05 Ohleens parish hunt.....
A bigs skreens plasmas tv.
A case uv Hynikinz.
Ana Esckalades wff twinny fo's.
who wants to hunt Flood Monkeys? they are hard to skin, and don't grill well.......................