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Suggestion RE: Forum Format

It sure would be nice if 'Last Post', 'Replies' and 'Views' were added to the forum pages, as shown in the picture. It's a common feature of most forums.

As it is now, it's very difficult to tell if comments have been added to a topic you have already viewed.
Well DANG! Either that was a fast fix or my PC was doing something goofy. I posted the original comment three hours ago, and now there's a 'Statistics' and 'Last Post' banner that wasn't there before. Was it a web site change or something in my system?

EDIT: Well, I'm a dumb ***. I just figured out what was wrong. The banner was not there when I logged in from GOOGLE. But it was there when I logged in from Explorer. It turns out my GOOGLE page was set at 200% Zoom, which was cutting off the banner section.