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looking for bank or kayak fishing spot within hour or so of Baton Rouge

I am just looking for a place or places to take my son fishing every now and then--other than BREC parks. I am relatively inexperienced, but we both love fishing and want to start taking him more frequently. We have two kayaks and would love to take them out on occasion, but we are happy with bank fishing as well.

My questions:
Does any have any suggestions (and are willing to share them :)) for a spot to fish from the banks? Any time(s) better than others? What bait to use? Depth to fish?

Any kayaking suggestions for fishing and/or sight seeing?

Regarding fishing the Mississippi River I have heard conflicting opinions--so is it better to fish when the river is high or low? Which is ideal?

Thank you for your help,
One of the easier places to get to to fish the Mississippi River would be the old Ferry Landing in Port Allen. It has parking and a couple paths to get up the levee that you bring a cart to carry your gear. As far as river stage i know the rocks are starting to show at that spot and the water is pulling out of the trees. Another place to kill some time and catch loads of small bream is Plaquemine Bayou next to the Enterprise Rd. bridge. I bring my 2 boys there pretty regular and 50 crickets go fast. You get a few keepers but it keeps the kids engaged and I used that spot to drive in the catch and release part of fishing. There is a dock and the area stretched all the way under the bridge. The best place is the right hand side of the dock. The dock and bank make a corner and its full of rocks. Small bream are very plentiful right there. That same bayou is a good place for kayaks too. Its fairly narrow and with the water being 3-4 ft higher than normal its still only about 8-9ft deep. Hope that helps out. I pulled these 2 plus a white bass from Plaquemine Bayou Monday afternoon.