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These fisherman showed a great deal of restraint. Had this been tried here, I am pretty sure the outcome would have been much different.


Got this from LDWF:

LDWF urges citizens that are being harassed while lawfully fishing in an area, to please call local authorities.

Harassment of persons lawfully fishing brings a up to a $750 fine and 90 days in jail. The harassment of persons lawfully fishing regulation provides that it is unlawful to disturb any hunter, trapper, or fisherman who is engaged in the lawful taking of a wild animal or who is engaged in the process of taking, with intent to dissuade or otherwise prevent the taking, or to prevent such person’s enjoyment of the outdoors.

So we do have laws here to prevent an event like the one in Florida.
That's hilarious Ricky. I had to copy and paste the link in a new tab to get it to play.

I had two thoughts; (1) I feel sorry for that Vegan's kids, and (2) although I would have been tempted to do him bodily harm it would be unwise to do so. However, ripping the camera away from that group and throwing it in the water would be quite appropriate.
Yeah I tried to Enbed the video so you guys could see it without having to go to the link, but I was not successful.

As to the Vegan guy, he definitely wanted to provoke the fishermen to further his cause. If they would have tossed him over the rail, of course they would have been arrested and he would have won. so kudos to them for not 'taking the bait'. When the guy threw that fish back in the water, I am not sure how I would have reacted. Probably not in a way that would have been appropriate for my family to view, I am sure!
I believe most sportsman in Louisiana have a healthy respect for our fish and wildlife.With that being said most of us would have zero respect or tolerance for this level of stupidity. I would love to see some of these clowns show up along hwy 1 on the way to Grand isle. Crab traps always need bait.
I admire those two guys. They were very cool under fire. I haven't ever seen such stupidity.