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IF YOU ARE APPROACHED / STOPPED AND ASKED / TOLD TO LEAVE ANY WATERWAY. PLEASE PULL OUT YOUR CELL PHONE AND VIDEO AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!! Also if you can do so get a picture of the person the boat and numbers if possible and send me any video or pictures. I want to build a library of any confrontations and make a video that we can show the public to back up our claims. If you feel that it's not safe for you to video please don't put your self in danger .
Thank You , Bob
Some people are taking what is supposed to be an enjoyable,relaxing pastime and turning it into a war on the water,over fish.
   e-man (R)
That is one of the reasons i am asking people to take these videos, people are being threatened with weapons by agents of the landowners. So far, there has only been yelling and cursing . one guy tried to board the boat of someone he was trying to run out and got a fist to the mouth . It's getting worse and i am really afraid that someone is going to brandish a weapon at the wrong person and someone is going to get killed and someone else will be in prison.
Bob Lemings /